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Earthwave 2009


The third annual edition of Earthwave South Africa will be staged at the iconic Surfer’s Corner in Muizenberg with its gently sloping snow white beach, exceptional views across False Bay and long rolling waves that are ideal for breaking the Guinness World Record (GWR) for the most surfers riding the same wave simultaneously.

Combined with the recently revamped beachfront precinct, extensive parking, an eclectic mix of beach users that range from youngsters through families to high-worth professionals and its history as the birthplace of surfing in Cape Town, Muizenberg is the ideal venue for an Earthwave event.

This year Earthwave South Africa will take place on Sunday 4 October. A marquee erected on the grassed area next to the beach will be the hub of the event, housing the Public Address system, the registration area for those participating in the GWR, a cinema-style seating area for talks and demonstrations and ample space for exhibits and stalls manned by environmental organisations and companies displaying and promoting their products and services.

All event infrastructure and energy use will be as ‘green’ as possible to ensure the event is environmentally friendly and a trend-setting example for other beach events staged in South Africa and internationally.

Products and services invited to participate in Earthwave include energy saving and renewable energy providers, electric and hybrid vehicles, recyclers, green building materials, bio-degradable products and similar organisations whose goods and services have a low impact on the environment and promote sustainable lifestyle choices.

The program of events includes the Earthwave Longboard Classic and a Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Expression Session run by Coreban with the Guinness World Record attempt scheduled for 1-2pm. The GWR attempt is open to anyone who can paddle into a wave and stand up and ride for more than 5 seconds. Local surf shops and surf schools provide surfboards and the participation of numerous groups from disadvantaged communities is sponsored by individuals and companies.

Fund-raising events such as Dig for Gold and raffles run throughout the day to attract spectator involvement and raise funds for worthy causes. Talks, demos and exhibits will be staged in the marquee while Miss Earth South Africa, Chanel Grantham, will be in attendance on the day.

Media liaison and PR for Earthwave, its aims and objectives, are coordinated by Life’s a Beach Communications, SA’s premier beach and surfing communications company, who will ensure saturation news, social and sports coverage in print, radio, TV and in new media outlets (YouTube, news websites and the like).

Sponsorship Opportunities

Earthwave South Africa is a newsworthy and high profile event with broadly based appeal that presents a diverse range of beneficial sponsorship opportunities and rights:

Naming Rights

The premier rights package where every reference to the event becomes “Your Brand Name Earthwave” or similar suitable title. Can include Presenting Rights or these can be handled separately.

Naming rights also include:

  • Development of an event logo incorporating both the sponsor’s name and Earthwave to be displayed on all event collateral, in media coverage and in all leveraging opportunities
  • Exclusivity in product / service category
  • Space to exhibit, display, promote and sample products or services at event
  • Access to event Public Address system and stage for presentations
  • VIP and Hospitality benefits at event
  • Any other rights negotiated with Kahuna Promotions

Presenting Rights

Presenting rights cover television and internet coverage which can be handled together or separately.

Presenting rights include:

  • Billboards, stings credits and promo ads in television shows and / or live webcasts and new media outlets
  • All event references in media and at event to be “Earthwave presented by Your Brand Name” or similar
  • Exclusivity in product / service category
  • VIP and Hospitality benefits at event
  • Any other rights negotiated with Kahuna Promotions

Event Rights – Competitions and Activities

Rights are available for individual events and activities within Earthwave. These can include:

Nationally rated Longboard surfing competition

Stand Up Paddleboard competition – races and surfing

Dig For Gold

Any other competitions or activities that would be suitable for Earthwave

Exhibits and Demonstrations

Rights are available for environmentally friendly products and services to exhibit, demonstrate and promote their wares

Presentations & Seminars

Rights are available for organisations, groups and individuals to utilise Earthwave as a forum to promote their interest in creating sustainable lifestyles


The costs of the rights packages set out above are negotiable. Kindly contact Paul Botha via 021 783 4965 or kahunasurf@mweb.co.za for further discussion on any aspect of Earthwave you may be interested in or may want to suggest for inclusion in the event.

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