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Follow Hanli & Tim’s Soccer & Surf road trip through South Africa

June 15th, 2010


Green Point Stadium Photo: Tim Conibear

My name is Hanli. I am a Cape Town based free-diver / filmmaker/ adventurer. I spend my days in or on the ocean, travelling the seven seas and living adventures and writing or speaking about them. More on me at www.hanliprinsloo.com/

I am about to embark on a crazy adventure. For 7 years I lived in Sweden and this time in EU turned me into an avid soccer supporter, which today makes me possibly one of very few afrikaans-speaking-surfing-female-soccer-fans in the country! 

And I love soccer. The game, the camaraderie, the stadiums… And I love that it has come here. I am a proud South African, a nervous Bafana supporter. A girl who knows the offside rule! The World Cup is coming here and I am going to embrace it!!!

My friend Tim Conibear on the other hand is English, of the Oxford variety, and lives in CT since four years back running a foundation teaching township kids in Masiphumalele surfing and soccer, and through that, life in general. See www.ttride.co.uk/foundation

We are both freelance writers and photographers, Tim for UK mags and newspapers http://timothy-smile.blogspot.com, and me with a background in social political doc-film making and writing for Swedish magazines.

We love soccer. We don’t have tickets. Or much cash. But I have a big bakkie. And we have a plan.

We are leaving Cape Town shortly after kick-off to go on a soccer/surf roadtrip through all of SA for the whole World Cup, watching at least one game in each host city.

As we don’t have tickets, we will ‘see’ a game a little differently… meet people, watch in shebeens, fan parks, from a high hill close to the stadium, in a shack with the locals, in a pub with the crazies. We will live the world cup more than just seeing the games, we will experience it ‘from the ground’ – as most South Africans will be!

Once we hit Durban and travel along the coast, we are going to combine soccer with surfing, our other passion, and surf and celebrate all the way back down to CT! 

We will be writing every day about our experiences, both personally – as we experience it, about the games as they are played, as well as the vibe and the state of the host nation. This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime World Cup, as we know!

Our website is live and you can see it at:  http://soccersurfroadtrip.com/?m=1

Tim has already taken 40 kids from his charity to the opening game in Cape Town and tonight I will go to the Italy vs. Paraguay game, having talked my way into a corporate box! So it’s all going well so far! 

We will be selling content through the site but are open to chatting with interested parties, so please get in touch.

Sharpening our pencils, loading our cameras, waxing down our boards, uncapping our internet and inflating some balls, we are ready to go!!!

Hanli and Tim


Kids from the Ticket to Ride Foundation in Masiphumalele enjoying the opening game of the World Cup in the Cape Town stadium

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